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Against Modern Football

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Hallam FC

  • Authenticated as the oldest football ground in the World
  • Proven to be the World’s second oldest football club
  • Winners of the World’s first football trophy

2010 sees Hallam FC celebrate their 150th anniversary. Founded in 1860 they have always played their games at Sandygate and it was this ground that hosted the World’s first ever inter-club match when Hallam hosted local rivals Sheffield FC on Boxing Day 1860. The game is still played to this day making it the oldest surviving football fixture in the World. The two clubs plan to meet on Boxing Day 2010 as part of the 150 years anniversary celebrations.

The Youdan Cup was the World’s first ever football tournament. Hallam won it beating Norfolk of Sheffield in the final played at Bramall Lane in 1867. More about this tournament in a later post.