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Against Modern Football

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50 Football Blogs on Tumblr

Jongens met voetbalschoenen / Boys with football boots

More top tumblr blogs about football. Since I compiled Top 25 Tumblr Blogs about Football there’s been something of an explosion in the number of football-themed blogs on tumblr. So here’s a bit of an update with links to those that I think are worthy of a wider audience. Again as with my previous post this is a personal list and doesn’t claim to be definitive. Indeed there are probably some great football tumblr blogs out there that I’m yet to come across. Ordered alphabetically here are more football tumblr blogs that have caught my eye .. 

Don’t forget to check out the tumblr featured football tag.

What’s your favourite football tumblr?

EPL Awards Blog of the Year 2010/11

As the English football season nears it’s end we here at footysphere are humbled and honoured to be short-listed in the 2010/11 EPL Awards for best football blog of the year.

Our tumblr compadres over at A Football Report are also nominated along with other denizens and luminaries from the football blogging community.  For sure we are not worthy and when we found out about our nomination we were truly gobsmacked. 

Of course if our lovely followers here on tumblr want to cast a vote for footysphere then by all means please do, all votes will be much appreciated. But we ask that you take some time to check out all the other nominees too, there are some really excellent football blogs deserving of a vote or two.

As well as the best blog there are thirty other categories where you can vote for the best managers, best footballers, podcasts, tweeters and more ..

Top 25 Tumblr Blogs about Football

Juichende jongens bij VSV-DFC / Boys cheering when their  favorite team scores

This, the footysphere "Top 25 Tumblr Blogs about Football" is a personal list I’ve compiled whilst on my virtual travels through the tumblr community. It’s ordered alphabetically & I hope you find it useful in finding some great football (soccer) blogs to follow here on tumblr.

Update: More top tumblr blogs about football.

This list is of course not exhaustive and apologies if I’ve missed anyone out. Please don’t be offended. Indeed feel free to leave a comment below with a link to your football-themed tumblr blog. Be sure to checkout 50 more top tumblr blogs about football.

What’s your favourite football blog on tumblr?

Top Ten Football Blogs of 2010

As we near the end of the year there’s a veritable profusion of posts in the footballing blogosphere giving out awards and naming the best blogs. So in the spirit of the season here’s our very own ‘awards’ because frankly it’d be rude not to. Without further ado these are the ten blogs that I’ve been checking out on a regular basis this year and who I feel are deserving of a mention & a congratulatory pat on the back. Ladies & gentlemen I give you, in reverse alphabetical order, the footysphere top ten football blogs of 2010.

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