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Five Fun Facts #10 Chester FC

Deva Stadium, Chester, Cheshire.

Chester FC are the subject of our latest five fun facts piece. Richard Bellis of Richard and Neil’s Football Blog does the honours.

1. Our Stadium is in Two Countries

Yes, that’s right. Our stadium, currently named the Exacta Stadium, bisects the England/Wales border. The main stand and offices are all in Cheshire, England, whilst the pitch and the other stands are in Flintshire, Wales. It’s the only stadium in the world to be in two countries, but luckily you don’t need to take your passport to the turnstiles.

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Five Fun Facts #9 FC Halifax Town

The Shay - Halifax Town

Next up is number nine in our Five Fun Facts feature. Robert White of Following the Shaymen gives us the lowdown on FC Halifax Town.

1. The Shay has been home to three other sports

The first foreign sport came to Town’s Shay stadium in 1949, when in exchange for a share of the gate receipts, Halifax Town allowed tenancy for the speedway outfit Halifax Dukes. The speedway went on to beat the football in popularity during the ’70s. The Dukes eventually left in 1986 after skirmishes with Halifax Town for the nearby Odsal Stadium, home of the Rugby League side Bradford Bulls, before going pop in 1997.

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Five Fun Facts #8 Shrewsbury Town

Next up in our five fun facts feature is Shrewsbury Town. Andrew Harding does the honours and presents for our enjoyment and education a quick introduction to The Shrews, Pride of Shropshire.

Station End, Gay Meadow

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Five Fun Facts #7 Dagenham & Redbridge

We’re on fire with the five fun facts feature. They’re coming thick and fast. After a brief sojourn into continental Europe we’re back in blighty to focus on one of London’s less well known clubs. Mark of 9-men introduces us to his team Dagenham & Redbridge FC.

Dagenham & Redbridge FC Pulse Promotions Cheerleaders

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Five Fun Facts #6 Górnik Zabrze

Five fun facts travels to Eastern Europe today as Ryan Hubbard of Modern Football presents some nuggets of knowledge about one of Poland’s most successful teams Górnik Zabrze.

Górnik Zabrze chicken

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Five Fun Facts #5 Lille OSC

Another installment in our continuing Five Fun Facts feature and for the first time (but not the last) we focus on a European side. We cross the channel with Andrew Gibney of the Gib Football Show for a lean lowdown on the French 2010/11 double winners Lille OSC.

Lille OSC fans by loic4467 on Flickr

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Five Fun Facts #4 Leicester City

Continuing our five fun facts feature today is Ryan Hubbard of Modern Football who has kindly compiled five foxy facts about his favourite team Leicester City.

1. We’re not too welcome at La Manga

LCFC - The La Manga 3When most clubs turn up at La Manga training camp in Southern Spain, a few days of intense training and team bonding lay ahead. But when Leicester City turned up prior to their 2000 League Cup Final, there was a lot more of the latter than the former. Boss Martin O’Neill decided to stay at home for the trip, and must have regretted it when he listened to his phone messages on the first evening. A very intoxicated Ian Marshall decided that it would be a good idea to call the Gaffer and ask for an extension on the strict curfew given to the players. By the time O’Neill had listened to his voicemails, the Foxes players had already been kicked out of the resort after Stan Collymore set off a fire extinguisher in the bar.

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Five Fun Facts #3 Sunderland AFC

The third installment of footysphere’s Five Fun Facts feature. Last up was Newcastle United so it’s only right to redress the North-East balance by today showcasing their bitter rivals Sunderland AFC. Thank you to Simon Walsh of The Roker Report for this guest post.

1. We’ve been involved in three record-breaking transfers.

Sunderland AFC Club Crest

Yeah, it’s not just your Manchester City’s and Real Madrid’s of the world breaking transfer records, Sunderland have had their share too. In the early part of the 20th century, Sunderland were the selling team twice. Who’d have thought little old Sunderland would have two of the most coveted players in the world, but we certainly did. In 1904 Andy McCombie was transferred to the dark side of the North East when Newcastle decided to splash out a massive £700 for the Scottish Right-Back.

It was only one year later when McCombies former team mate, striker Alf Common, became the world’s first £1000 transfer as he moved down the road to Middlesbrough. It only took another 17 years for Sunderland to bother spending any of the big money received, when they broke the bank to sign Warney Cresswell from South Shields FC for £5500. South Shields could have invested wisely, but now find themselves in the lower reaches of local league football.

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Five Fun Facts #2 Newcastle United

Today we continue with our Five Fun Facts feature with a guest post by Michael Hudson. A gentleman blogger who is doing a wonderful job organising and promoting the upcoming Northern League Day on the 9th of April 2011. So without further ado we present for your delectation and edification five amazing and astounding facts about that giant of English football, Newcastle United.

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Five Fun Facts #1 Scunthorpe United

Today sees the start of a new feature here on footysphere where we invite football bloggers to give us five fun facts about their club. First up is Scunthorpe United fan Nicola Kilmore who gives us five fun facts, and little bit more, about her club, the Iron.

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