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Groundhop Week - 165 Grounds: 165 Hours

There’s something about football that brings out the eccentric side of people and makes them do crazy things all for the love of the game. Be it the Sheffield Utd fan who hitchhikes to every game, the football fan MowbrayRoute66 who is visiting all 66 football grounds in Yorkshire or these four Northampton Town fans who will soon embark on an epic feat of groundhopping. During one week in October they will attempt to visit 165 football grounds (including all 92 league grounds) in England and Wales.

Naturally it’s all for a good cause and their charitable challenge will benefit two UK charities working to eradicate Parkinson’s Disease and Cancer. Please take some time to read more about their odyssey by visiting the Groundhop Week website. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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