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Against Modern Football

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50 Football Blogs on Tumblr

Jongens met voetbalschoenen / Boys with football boots

More top tumblr blogs about football. Since I compiled Top 25 Tumblr Blogs about Football there’s been something of an explosion in the number of football-themed blogs on tumblr. So here’s a bit of an update with links to those that I think are worthy of a wider audience. Again as with my previous post this is a personal list and doesn’t claim to be definitive. Indeed there are probably some great football tumblr blogs out there that I’m yet to come across. Ordered alphabetically here are more football tumblr blogs that have caught my eye .. 

Don’t forget to check out the tumblr featured football tag.

What’s your favourite football tumblr?

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  1. fanb answered: Don’t forget us!
  2. footballandmusic answered: Football and Music of course - and what about Beat The First Man ? Also there’s A Football Report too
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