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Qatar 2022 World Cup Bid

5 new stadiums of stunning design.

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    Just learned some things which is fascinating. The issue with human trafficking is all over the world from Japan to...
  3. gadis said: I had to write a response to this because while I agree with you on many issues in the past, I feel like these are just a lot of really sweeping generalisations of muslims, Middle East and the actual bid from Qatar that I have to address mentioned
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    WHAT IS WITH THE COMMENTS? Sorry, I have to disagree with a lot of points. Firstly, and most obviously, Qatar actually...
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    Sexy architecture alert: Qatar’s 2020 World Cup Bid. (Via FootySphere)
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    God, I will be so mad if the World Cup goes to Qatar. Playing a summer tournament in the middle of the desert? How...
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