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Five Fun Facts #8 Shrewsbury Town

Next up in our five fun facts feature is Shrewsbury Town. Andrew Harding does the honours and presents for our enjoyment and education a quick introduction to The Shrews, Pride of Shropshire.

Station End, Gay Meadow

1. Shrewsbury Town FC are the most successful English club ever to have competed in the Welsh Cup, lifting the trophy on 6 occasions (the last occasion being in 1985).

2. Shrewsbury Town FC have played every team currently in the Football League except for one. That one team is Tottenham Hotspur.

3. Shrewsbury’s old ground, their home for 97 years Gay Meadow welcomed many-a-top side throughout the years but the largest attendance at a Shrewsbury Town home game came there in 1961 against Walsall of all teams. The game attracted an attendance of 18, 917.

4. Shrewsbury Town FC celebrate their 125th year of existence this season but they were elected into the Football League in 1950, meaning they’ve spent over half of their existence (64 years) in non-league football.

5. Before Steve Ogrizovic made his first of many appearances for Coventry City, he played for Shrewsbury Town making a credible 84 appearances. At the same time as he played for the Shrews, he also played on 3 occasions for the Shropshire County Cricket Team as a bowler.

May thanks to Andrew for those super Shrews facts. You can follow him on twitter.

BONUS FACT: The great Bobby Charlton made his last ever appearance as a player when he appeared as a guest for Shrewsbury Town in a 1978 friendly against Zambia at Gay Meadow.

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