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EPL Awards Blog of the Year 2010/11

As the English football season nears it’s end we here at footysphere are humbled and honoured to be short-listed in the 2010/11 EPL Awards for best football blog of the year.

Our tumblr compadres over at A Football Report are also nominated along with other denizens and luminaries from the football blogging community.  For sure we are not worthy and when we found out about our nomination we were truly gobsmacked. 

Of course if our lovely followers here on tumblr want to cast a vote for footysphere then by all means please do, all votes will be much appreciated. But we ask that you take some time to check out all the other nominees too, there are some really excellent football blogs deserving of a vote or two.

As well as the best blog there are thirty other categories where you can vote for the best managers, best footballers, podcasts, tweeters and more ..

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