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Club and Country

Hello readers and thanks to you all for following Footysphere. Let’s have a quick straw poll to find out which club and national team has the most supporters amongst the footysphere followers. Who do you support?

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  1. ronvelig answered: Stoke City
  2. writersandfighters answered: wycombe wanderers & canada
  3. adaydreambeliever answered: Cowdenbeath and Scotland. Probably the only Cowdenbeath fan on Tumblr!
  4. champurrado answered: Club; England: Arsenal, México: Pumas, Italy: Juventus, Spain: Barcelona and Deportivo La Coruña
  5. vetriciawizach answered: Liverpool and Italy
  6. rcisek answered: AC Milan and United States!
  7. flameretardantlion answered: Celtic FC, Arsenal FC go gunners
  8. biffadigital answered: Manchester United, England (unless they the Irelands and Wales)
  9. jackanori answered: Club: Everton, National: England
  10. jackyjohnson answered: Germany, Borussia Dortmund. Nur der BVB!
  11. diersen answered: Liverpool
  12. whereinthehellisnowherenow answered: n.e. revolution, manchester united, ireland, usa (not necessarily in that order…)
  13. nikhak answered: Chicago Fire, Chicago Red Stars, USMNT, USWNT (though I have crushes on several other teams!)
  14. blogdroed answered: Wrexham and Wales
  15. cuore-forte answered: Manchester United,Italy and Singapore
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