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Against Modern Football

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1919 and all that

  • Plenty of shenanigans in the football world at the end of World War I. When the league started back up after the wartime break the Football League decided to increase the first division to 22 clubs. Custom and practice in cases of league expansion was to re-elect the bottom two clubs whilst promoting the top two clubs from Division 2.
  • So, both Chelsea & Spurs who had finished 19th and 20th respectively at the end of the 1914/15 season were expecting to keep their top flight places. Chelsea kept their place but Spurs were relegated and replaced by Arsenal who had finished 5th in the 2nd division below Barnsley and Wolves in 3rd and 4th. Yes, that’s right Arsenal nicked Spurs first division place due to all sorts of skullduggery.
  • Read entertaining versions from both North London camps here ..

from the Arsenal corner | from the Spurs corner

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