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Hull City v Tampa Bay Rowdies 1984 Anglo American Cup

Hull City v Tampa Bay Rowdies (USA) 1984

Beautiful programme from a rather mysterious match. I can’t find any information about this Anglo American Cup game, which according to the programme is the ‘first of it’s kind ever to be held’, nor the return fixture that was played on 13th June 1984. Even a search over at the American Soccer History Archives draws a blank. I’m gonna make it my business to find out the results from these two games so that the winners of this showpiece event may have the recognition they truly deserve.

Flicking through the programme, the then Hull City chairman Don Robinson pens a rather strange passage in his welcome notes. Looking ahead to his team’s visit to Florida he takes a flight of fancy and writes,

"During the tour we will also be able to check on the exact spot from where we shall be leaving our ‘Lunar Fixture’ in the near future - of course I refer to the NASA Space Centre at Cape Canaveral and our intention to be one of the first two Teams to play on the moon. We have played Dynamo Kiev from one side of the Earth, we now play Tampa Bay Rowdies from the other - the only other way to now go is ‘UP’!! Incidentally the opposition for this Match has yet to be finalised but no matter who they are, it is sure to be ‘one short pass for Man - but a long free kick for mankind."

Fantastic stuff I’m sure you’ll agree. So when Galactik Football becomes a reality we can spend a moment in quiet thought remembering Don Robinson and his vision of soccer amongst the stars.

More on this game including a great video at Spirit of Mirko

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