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Against Modern Football

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I went to Wembley last week to watch Sheffield United take on Huddersfield Town in the Football League One Play-Off Final. It ended 0-0 AET so went to penalties. Huddersfield missed their first three but still went on to win 8-7. There’s good report here - Wembley Strife and £4 Pints

That’s now four play-off finals that the Blades have lost - all without scoring a goal. 

  • 1997 - Lost 1-0 to Crystal Palace (last minute goal!)
  • 2003 - Lost 3-0 to Wolves
  • 2009 - Lost 1-0 to Burnley
  • 2012 - Lost 8-7 on penalties to Huddersfield

A shocking record but hey as Bladesmen from the Lane  We’ll Carry on Regardless

There is some happy news though. In 1892/93 the Blades, along with Darwen, by virtue of victory in end-of-season Test matches - play-offs in all but name - became the first two football clubs in the World to be promoted. How cool is that!

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