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Top Ten Football Blogs of 2010

As we near the end of the year there’s a veritable profusion of posts in the footballing blogosphere giving out awards and naming the best blogs. So in the spirit of the season here’s our very own ‘awards’ because frankly it’d be rude not to. Without further ado these are the ten blogs that I’ve been checking out on a regular basis this year and who I feel are deserving of a mention & a congratulatory pat on the back. Ladies & gentlemen I give you, in reverse alphabetical order, the footysphere top ten football blogs of 2010.

A fabulous French language blog chock full of vintage footy stuff from yesteryear. Check out those hairstyles.

It’s what’s football’s all about and you know they’re not far wrong. Features action from the World’s greatest cup competition before the big boys get involved. Proper football from a proper blog. 

For me the very best groundhopping blog on the whole of the intertubes. Quirky tales abound as the author travels Northern England & the Midlands searching for the soul of football.

Some blogs try to be funny and fail miserably, maybe this one your reading now falls into that category. But for some the humour flows effortlessly from the keyboard and and if you like your footballing funny bone tickled then The DA is one for you.

Here at footysphere we like to think we have the offbeat side of football covered but when it comes to footballing oddities and curiosities we’re no match for the might that is Mirko Bolesan. 

Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe just how good this blog is. A perfect example of a niche blog that excels at what it does. If you wanna know about Englishmen playing football abroad then this is your one stop shop. Their Hall of Fame series is my football blogosphere highlight of 2010.

BOOM! That’s the noise that reverberated around the football blogosphere when IBWM let loose their collective thoughts on global football. A powerhouse of football blogging excellence.

This one’s a little off the radar. Written by a Bulgarian living in Canada he shares with us his passion for football as he writes remarkably detailed reports of bygone international and club matches from around the world. Some wonderful old-skool images too. 

I’ve only recently discovered Dispatches but it’s now firmly ensconced amongst my favourites blogs. The standard of writing is superb and it’s a pleasure to peruse.

Written by an erudite Bladesman this blog covers a whole range of football news and views. Given his club affiliation it’s got a delicious red and white tinged Sheffield United flavour. 

So there’s my top ten for 2010. Apologies to those not included but it took a while to whittle it down to ten from amongst all the football blogs I follow. You can check out my links page for more great blogs or keep up to date with what the footballing twitterati are whittering on about by checking out my togga tweets list which is also available as an online daily magazine.

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