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Slavia Prague Cleanliness of Sportsmanship

Stockport County v Slavia Prague (Czechoslovakia) 1968

There’s some interesting visitor notes in this programme for a friendly between Stockport County and Slavia Prague back in 1968.

Talking about the club’s red and white colours a Slavia Prague official explain that ..

"For the followers of the club, the club colours mean an association with Slav family life. The white reminds them of the cleanliness of sportmanship, and challenges them to an honourable fight in which opponents are not enemies but recognised rivals."

He explains that the club wears red because ..

"it is the symbol of the heart which must be put into every match and the red star on the white background represents hope which strengthens and encourages and overcomes fatigue and disappointment."

He goes onto say that the two different halves of the shirt, with it’s five-pointed star demonstrates that every person has not only one side, but that it was necessary to look for harmony between will and sentiment, force and fitness, enthusiasm and disappointment.

Profound stuff for the Edgeley Park faithful to mull over on a cold winter night.

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